3-1 Imahashi-cho, Toyohashi-shi,Aici-ken,Japan
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The Toyohashi City Art Museum, located in a quiet and serene atmosphere surrounded by trees in a corner of Toyohashi Park (former Yoshida Castle Ruins) opened on June 1, 1979 as a fullscale cultural museum. Since it’ s opening, the museum has sponsored exhibitions featuring local art, historical data and the permanent collection as well as offering works of both domestic and international fame. In addition, the museum has published catalogues relating to the above, offered special lectures and series of lectures to the general public. The exhibition rooms located on the first floor are also used by individuals and groups to display their works.

Permanent Collection Exhibition Room

Permanent Collection Exhibition Room



Art Museum Information

Exhibition Rooms

Located on the first floor are three exhibition rooms used for museum-sponsored exhibitions as well as for individual or group use.

Permanent Collection Exhibition Rooms

Located on the second floor are five exhibition rooms used for permanent display of the museum’s collection of archaeological specimens, ceramics, historical data and also for special exhibitions on a certain theme.

Collection Materials

Introduction to the Collection Materials

Archaeological Specimens

Relics from shell mounds, ancients tombs, old kilns and ruins from Toyohashi and the surrounding area. Approximately 2,000 items

Folklore Data

Silk worm raising , silk production, agriculture, lumbering, fishing, daily life articles. Approximately 2,000 items

Ceramic Materials

Containers and cups used for Sake (Japanese rice wine) from Edo to early Meiji period donated by Tadashi Tsukasa . Approximately 1,200 items

Historical Data

Data donated by the Okouchi family, local documents. Approximately 30,000 items

Art Objects

Paintings and other works of local artists. Approximately 850 items

Museum Hours

9:00 am to 5:00 pm


Mondays, end and beginning of the year


Take streetcar from Toyohashi station and get off at Toyohashi kouen mae.


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Construction Outline


3-1 Imahashi-cho, Toyohashi / inside Toyohashi Park

Structural Plan

Ferro-concrete, one portion is 2-storied steel frame Building Area 2,867.3625㎡
Total Floor Area:
1st Floor  2,389.8575㎡
2nd Floor  1,391 .5525㎡
Total     3 ,781.4100㎡

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